How to Open and Activate Your Third Eye

How to Open and Activate Your Third Eye

I have always liked to think of the Third Eye as that bridge between your Soul and the Universe. We are all Universe energy manifesting as human, and it is the Third Eye where we hold the link.

The Third Eye is the birthing place of your intuition and connection to Divine Realms. By opening your Third Eye, it not only grants you access into the unseen world, but it also releases feel good chemicals that can help to make your life on earth just that little bit easier.

If you want to enhance your intuition and strengthen your Divine connection, your foundation is going to be your Third Eye.

Anatomically speaking, the Third Eye is also believed to be the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is an important part of the brain and is said to regulate our dreams, consciousness and ability to see things that are not in this 3D world.

When your Pineal Gland or Third Eye is closed off, it can manifest as confusion, narrow-mindedness, an inability to see the truth, feeling closed off from your purpose, negative emotions and it can also lower your vibration.
Opening Your Third Eye

The Pineal Gland is prone to calcification and can become blocked off through poor nutrition, preservatives, additives, inorganic foods, processed foods and fluoride. If you want to open your Third Eye, you first need to nourish your Pineal Gland.

If you want to nourish and help decalcify your Pineal, here are some suggestions-

Avoid fluoridated water and toothpaste
Eat organic and local produce whenever possible
Limit your intake of meat
Avoid processed foods
Avoid carbonated beverages
Get plenty of sunshine
Eat superfoods rich in antioxidants like cacao, spirulina etc.
Eat raw foods with every meal
Practice self-love
Meditation and deep breathing
Avoid using microwaves, cell phones, wi-fi and other devices that emit electromagnetic radiation (EMF)

Activating Your Third Eye

By nourishing your body with the right nutrition and self-care, it is going to make it a lot easier to hear your intuition, see auric energy and access Divine realms.

There are a few ways you can activate your Third Eye, but this method is one of my preferred favourites.

You will need:

Cleansed and charged amethyst crystal

This exercise is best done outside in nature and when the Sun is either rising, setting or at its highest point in the sky. You can also experiment with doing this on the Full Moon.

Take your charged crystal and place it in the middle of your forehead, just above your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in and out and as you do this, visualize the purple energy of the amethyst going into your Third Eye and filling it up with activated energy.

Hold the amethyst in place, close your eyes and look up directly into Sun. Allow the Sun to warm the crystal and activate it. Once the Sun and your crystal meet, take 7 deep breaths in an out. (Please be careful of your eyes!)

You may need to repeat this exercise a few times, but when used in conjunction with meditation and a healthy diet you will be well on your way to supercharging your Third Eye.

Note: Your Pineal Gland is set to release a magic fluid like substance when the Full Moon falls in your Sun sign. This generally happens just once a year. I have not tried it yet, but I imagine doing this activation technique on your Full Moon would be extremely powerful.

Here are the upcoming Full Moon’s if you want to mark it in your calendar (be sure to check your local time zone)-

December 13, 2016- Gemini
January 12, 2017- Cancer
February 11, 2017- Leo
March 12, 2017- Virgo
April 11, 2017- Libra
May 10, 2017- Scorpio
June 9, 2017- Sagittarius
July 9, 2017- Capricorn
August 7, 2017- Aquarius
September 6, 2017- Pisces
October 5, 2017- Aries
November 4, 2017- Taurus
December 3, 2017- Gemini

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