Magical Reading for 31.03

Magical Reading for 31.03

So let’s go see what is in play for you this week.  Take a moment to just stop, stand still and be.  Breathe into the corners of your belly for a moment and roll your shoulders and wiggle your jaw.  Then when you are ready pick the card or cards that are calling you.  If you feel like a little support and help there is an interesting visualisation that ties in with the energy of this Full Moon.


The Lady with the Bosch Egg is the one in this lifetime who has been chosen to keep safe, and sometimes keep secret, deep esoteric knowledge.  Through history’s most troubled times, there have always been courageous beings ensuring that sacred knowledge was kept alive.  Even though the world may burn, and disasters befall humanity, and wars take down cities, there will always be those brave souls who will take the knowledge, represented by the Bosch egg, camouflage it, and keep it safe so that at a later time, when the world is finally ready, we can all learn.

I hope you that you understand the history of the knowledge you crave, and respect and acknowledge the freedom of the times you now live in, and do the work yourself.  It may be that at some time you too will find my egg and that you are the person chosen to speak of the knowledge others thought was lost.  Or it may be that you too are a guardian of wisdom: if you are, know when to keep silent, know what to keep to yourself, and know that some secretes come to light at the right time.  I bring you now the symbols of the alchemist, the secrets of the Gnostics, and the wisdom of the magicians and the witches and the herbalists….all saved for this time, in this strange form of egg.

It may feel to you that you are receiving wisdom from ancient sources and that some of its energy may feel unfamiliar to you, even dark.  It is likely that you are receiving messages from times when people like you, misfits and mystics, were oppressed and punished for their natural gifts.  Explore at this time something to do with the Renaissance, or medieval times, and understand that the knowledge was brought through to you, a very fortunate being living in very fortunate times.  Learn all you can.  Explore esoteric symbology, the history of magick, and spirituality.


Bored!  Stifled!  Ah yes, she’s trying to be “good” and “nice” and polite – but it’s not working.  This lovely and very passionate aristocrat has her fairy wings tucked firmly in, not visible at all, and is sitting stiffly, listening to someone give a lecture on manners.

In your admirable quest for balance, you can actually become too neutral, pretending to be serene, acting polite, not making waves – and not speaking your truth!  Now that I’ve arrived showing you exactly how you feel, it’s time to discover – or rediscover – a raw and honest emotional reaction you had to a person, or to an issue, and express it.  It’s all very well being a lover of harmony and not wanting to be a “troublemaker” but being a lukewarm person in regards to situations that really matter is not going to do you any favours.  Bottling up your true self leads to unhealthy relationships, aches, pains, and even illness!  Go for the passionate and truthful option – and rediscover just how strongly you can feel, and how much fun you can have!

Your desire to be liked, to please to the be seen as a “lady” or a “gentleman” is cheating yourself out of something wonderful that you deserve to experience.  Sometimes, there are rules that simply need to be broken.  Keeping to the spirit of the law sometimes means breaking the letter of the law, that’s how things change.  There is a situation at the moment that has revealed itself as unjust, unfair, and absolutely unattractive to you, but you have yet to speak up!  The most inspiring thing about this situation is that you’ll discover just how safe it is to stand up for what you truly believe in.  Others will be inspired, too, so while it feels like you’re taking a risk, at first, after awhile you’ll realise you’ve started your own small revolution.


This sweet fairy is showing you a way through a barrier you have reached in your life.  This may be in any area of your life – but it does feel that you have come up against a very solid obstacle.  This gentle fairy, with her bright lantern, can take you to a place in this wall that has already come down, so you can move through this obstacle without force or fear.  Your only requirement is to trust this fairy and then to take down several bricks after you have moved through so the wall between this world and the next, your love and your life, becomes slowly less and less solid.  The wall is coming down:  this is the fairy’s role, to help you move beyond the wall.  Trust her.  She will guide you.

Sometimes, people say you should be cautious about where information is coming from.  And that is indeed true.  I am simply holding up the lantern I carry and gently letting you see the likely outcome of the decisions you are making and offering a clear solution to the problem at hand.  Something has come to an end.  A true end, and you have, as they say, hit the wall.  You could try digging under it, or climbing over it, or you could try taking down the wall brick by brick.  But if you follow me, I can show you a place where the wall has already come down, and where you can move through this obstacle without pain.  My guidance is safe, clear, and gentle.  I am here to clear the way and light the path.  It is up to you whether you make it harder than it needs to be.

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