Which Diamond Do You Choose? The Shape Of The Gem Will Reveal The Hidden Depths Of Your Personality

Which Diamond Do You Choose? The Shape Of The Gem Will Reveal The Hidden Depths Of Your Personality

Diamonds are definitely the most precious of all gems, a symbol of elegance and sophistication. However, not all diamonds are the same, and we can always feel a certain preference for a particular cut… and that can reveal a lot about our personality. So, choose which diamond you like most and find out what kind of person you are:


The classic cut, which even today is known for being elegant and modern. These people are simple yet sophisticated, homely yet with the strong need to socialize with others.


The ideal cut for fairy tales. These kinds of people could be Disney princesses. They’re vivacious, with a great sense of beauty, elegance, and sauciness.


This cut with rounded edges represents people who love taking risks. They’re always willing to try new things and have lots of self-confidence.


Somewhat similar to the emerald cut, but with bigger sides and non-rounded corners. This cut was very popular in the 1920s and reflects a nostalgic kind of person — elegant, with a big sense of fashion and femininity.


This unusual shape resembles a cushion, slightly wider than the circular cut. People who prefer this diamond are very calm, homely, and incredibly generous.


The radiant cut is ideal for larger stones and is the hardest and most expensive to find. Thus, this person is original and always authentic, who tries to break the rules and have fun.


The perfect cut for jewels of love. Those who prefer this diamond are romantics by nature, sensitive, idealistic, and very sweet.


A cut which gives a special shine to the stone. This cut is preferred by the person who is independent, creative, original, and who isn’t afraid of taking risks on new projects.


This is the same cut of diamond asked for by Louis XV. People who like this cut are unique and personify elegance. They have a refined taste, which separates them from everyone else.


Despite the name, people who prefer this cut are very optimistic and determined to get what they want. Rather than looking to fill their life with tears, they look to fill it with happiness… And they usually achieve their goal!

Which is your favorite cut? Though, let’s face it, when it comes to diamonds, there is no such thing as a bad cut. As long as they’re diamonds, they’ll always be our best friends.

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