Daily Tarot Card 11.13

Daily Tarot Card 11.13

Life is an eternal continuity. You do not want to reach any end point. Pilgrimage itself, travel itself is life; there is no way to reach, no end station – just dancing and getting on the road, moving happily, not caring for any destination.
What would you do if you were to reach the end station? No one raises this question because everyone is trying to set a goal in his life. But what is this in you? What if you truly achieve the goal of life? At one time you will feel very embarrassed. No place to go … you’ve reached the terminal – and you missed everything in the way. You had to lose everything. And now you are naked in the target and you look around like an idiot: what was the meaning of this whole thing? You were so busy, you worried, and that is the result.

Be open and do not rush. Your goals are to move forward. It is not because you have to get there soon. Enjoy what you are and do not stumble upon what’s going to be.

Consulting; Sergeant Zotmund

A tiny little balloon on this beautiful landscape is not at all interested in the end goal. You know that the journey itself is the goal, the pilgrimage itself is the sacred place. Each step of the road is important.
When pulled out, this card indicates to us the movement and the period of change. This movement can take place in physical space, from one place to another, or inside, from one form of life to another. But whatever it is, this card promises that this journey of adventure and development will be easy – no need to strain or plan too much. The Travel Card also warns us to accept the new one and expose it to our heart just as we travel from our usual world to a new, unfamiliar country. If you are open and accepting, that will be new friends and experiences in your life.

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