Choose A Card To Find Out What It’s Message Is For Yo

Choose A Card To Find Out What It’s Message Is For Yo

Here are the results for our weekly messages from Spirit. If you haven’t already, pick card #1,2, or 3 & read below. Thanks to all of those that participated, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Card #1

Page of Cups
This week something is emerging within you that you’re not quite sure of what to do with yet. This can bring about more curiosity or even questioning of yourself and what you really want for your present and/or future.

It’s not quite an inner crossroads or confliction but rather a new discovery or inner-awakening that is happening. Something that once gave you life, joy, and fulfillment can now seem a bit heavy or burdensome – like a weight that is pulling you down.

This is being brought about by either inner or outer events. The stars are aligning for you to expand your idea of who you are and what you are capable of. You are being encouraged to think more creatively about how to navigate the path you are currently on. Something that once felt right for you is now starting to no longer makes sense or be in alignment with who you are today. Spirit says to listen to and trust your inner compass.

You are now in a unique position of being able to pause, reflect, and redirect. The waves you were once riding have calmed and your thinking and desires can become more clear. You have options. You can expand your idea of who you are, what you want, and where you are heading. Nothing is holding you back. The power is in your hands..

Card #2

This is a victory card! I see achievement, health improvement, family gathering, social recognition, praise and worship, help being received, something you’ve been waiting for arriving.
A life line is being extended to you and you are feeling grateful and humbled. A situation that seemed dire is now improving and hope is here.

Spirit says try to avoid compartmentalizing your life and remember that everything in the physical realm is connected. Wholeness is attained through relationship – relationship with the self, the mind, the body, and the Spirit.

What you do in one life area affects another. For instance, the mind-body connection, the work/home life balance – the mental/emotional/physical/ spirit body are all parts of ONE Whole. Reflect on what are you feeding your body? What are you feeding your mind? How are you nourishing your soul? All of this is connected. Improve one area and see the rest get better too. How can you become more whole, connected, or in-tune? That is what the focus is on this week.

Card #3

Queen of Pentacles
This week, you may be pondering the ways in which you receive or spend your income. Your finances are in the spot light and this can show up by you looking into different avenues of earning income whether it be through your current job, a new job, investing, turning a hobby into a business, etc. If you are retired you may find yourself wanting to work again, volunteer, or have a hobby to keep your mind occupied.

It is a good idea to budget your funds and take a deeper look at your spending habits. Make changes where needed and Spirit says to remember that you CAN earn a living doing what you are most passionate about. Do not feel bad, unworthy, or unequipped to receive payment for your services or talents. What you have to offer is valuable.

Your time is valuable. YOU are valuable.
Where are you keeping yourself small? Living a life of limitation? Getting in your own way? What do you need to take care of business and in affect, take care of YOU? How can you take your power back (Yes, the one that you’ve been giving away)?

Here’s a start: make a plan, take action on it, step out of fear! Stop dodging your own happiness and telling yourself no. When you let your gifts and talents shine, you have the ability to unpin yourself from that anchor, climb up into that gorgeous metaphorical boat (by doing the work) and taking off in a direction that makes your soul soar and your heart sing!

Stop telling yourself why you can’t (age, money, not-good enough, blah blah blah) and start telling yourself why you CAN! Finding problems is easy – but finding solutions to those problems; now that’s where you stike gold!

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