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Choose A Card To Find Out What It’s Message Is For Yo

Choose A Card To Find Out What It’s Message Is For Yo

Here are the results for our weekly messages from Spirit. If you haven’t already, pick card #1,2, or 3 & read below. Thanks to all of those that participated, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Card #1 Page of Cups This week something is emerging within you that you’re not quite sure of […]

Your Sign’s Biggest Stress Triggers

With the rapid pace of modern life, stress is a given. Unless you’ve reached nirvana and left the cares of the world behind, you’re bound to get tense from time to time. Some things are universal stressors: ill health, financial problems, and traffic jams when you’re already late. However, what bothers a Gemini (everyone else […]

Seducing the Zodiac

  Want to drive your lover wild and make ’em yours forever? All you need is a few sexy tips tailored to the object of your desire’s zodiac sign. These magic moves work for established relationships, too. Be sure to read your lover’s zodiac sign the next time you want to turn up the heat! […]

What Every Empath Needs to Know About The Dark Side of Sensitive

When I started writing for the Empath, back in 2011, there was very little material available on the subject, and this is what drove my compilation of the ‘Traits of an Empath’. I wanted to help other Empaths understand who they were and discover why they felt all they did. I also wanted to share […]

4 Shifts You’ll Experience When Meeting Your Twin Flame

Have you found your twin flame? What have you experienced when meeting your twin flame? In recent years, more and more people have met a partner they believe is a twin flame, or their soul’s literal other half. Anyone who has encountered a twin flame, or even other soul relationships that mimic one, can attest […]

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